Sensational Saturday: Foamtastic Fun!

Sensory play is important for all kids, not just kids who have trouble with sensory integration like Trevor does.  The best way for kids to learn new things is by exploring their environment and using all of their senses.  Experiencing new sensations helps build those synaptic connections in their brains.  We do a lot of sensory play, and I thought I’d share some of the fun things we do.

This activity helps develop the tactile sense.  You can do this with shaving cream, or if you have sensitivities to fragrances like I do, foam soap is a great alternative.  We use Mr. Bubble foam soap.  Since it’s designed with kids in mind the fragrance is a lot less overpowering than shaving cream.

Trevor had a blast doing this!  He was a little unsure about the new texture at first, so I brought out his Little People toys to put in the foam.  When we do a new activity I always try to incorporate something he’s already comfortable with into it.

His smiles say it all!  He loved vroom-vrooming his cars through the foam, rolling the animals around in it, and having me squirt the foam on top of his toys.  You should definitely try this activity with your little ones 🙂


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