I am Thankful

We all have things in our lives we wish we could change.  But life isn’t that easy and there are some things that just are.  I truly believe that it’s how you respond to the ups and downs of life that determines your happiness.  Like the Jimmy Buffett song says, “some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the way”.  Do I like that my son has to struggle?  Of course not.  I would move heaven and earth if it meant he wouldn’t have to work so hard to do simple tasks.  But just because I wish things were different, doesn’t mean I can’t be grateful for all of the things this journey has given me.

I am thankful that developmental delays have changed my perspective on what achievement is.  If Trevor was typically developing I’d probably only get really thrilled about those first steps and first words.  Now I get that same sense of pride for every little inchstone.  When he makes a new sound, or a new facial expression, or removes a sock, or stands up.  I know how hard he works, and that makes everything he does even more amazing.

I am thankful that his SPD has given me the opportunity to discover what really makes him tick.  I am more in tune with his wants and needs than I would be if he didn’t have trouble with sensory integration because I have to be.

I am thankful for all of the friends I’ve had the pleasure of making as a direct result of this journey.

I am thankful for my son’s therapists and that they have his best interest in mind all of the time.  Because of the extra challenges he faces, he has more people who truly love and care for him.

I am thankful that my husband is in this journey with me.  You can choose to let developmental delays tear your marriage apart, or you can choose to let it bring you closer together.  You can choose to fight for your child as a united front, and to come out stronger because of it.

But mostly I am thankful for my son.  His smile lights up my life, just as it lights up his face.  I am one lucky mama, no matter if he catches up to his peers or will always have to struggle.  Do I wish his life were easier?  Of course.  But I wouldn’t change him for anything.  Because he is mine and he is perfect, just they way he is.


And it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a handprint turkey placemat…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “I am Thankful

  1. Just as you’re lucky to have HIM…he’s lucky to have YOU!!!! And I agree with you 100%…his smile brightens this world!!! 🙂

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