Sensational Saturday: Christmas Sensory Bin

As I’ve said before, sensory bins are a great teaching tool.  They also really help kids focus.  After some guided sensory play Trevor’s balance is better and his words are clearer.  It’s amazing how much a good sensory diet can help a kid!

Sensory bins full of beans and rice are great, but they can get old after awhile.  So since the Christmas season is upon us, we decided to create a Christmas sensory bin 🙂

First, you need to assemble some supplies:

For the “snow” I used a couple bags each of iridescent tinsel and white paper shreds.  Then I added in some Christmas trinkets:  Christmas-themed erasers; small bows; plastic snowman and penguin; jingle bells; round, plastic ornaments; shiny, present ornaments, pom-poms, plastic candy canes and a cup for filling/dumping/pretend play.  I love that these things are all different sizes and textures and that some reflect light and make noise.  I added everything to an under-the-bed storage container, and there you have it, a Christmas sensory bin:

What’s the next step?  Oh yeah, have fun!

This was Trevor’s favorite sensory bin to date.  He loved it so much, he wanted to get in it:


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