Therapy Thursday: Exercise Ball

One of Trevor’s biggest barriers in gaining new gross motor skills are his weak core muscles.  You don’t realize how much your core muscles contribute to balance and physical ability until you see someone with low tone in their trunk.  I would love to get Trevor involved in hippotherapy, as I’ve heard that is one of the best ways to develop core strength.  Unfortunately there aren’t any stables involved in hippotherapy in our area 😦  So for now we do other exercises to strengthen his core.  One way we do that is by using an exercise ball.  Trevor sits on top of the ball and I hold his hips, moving him side to side and front to back on the ball, as well as bouncing him up and down.  To make Trevor more comfortable on the ball we often look at books (his favorite thing in the world), or sing songs (his second favorite thing in the world).  Sometimes I make up songs about the characters in his books, and that makes him really happy!


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