Sensational Saturday: Paw Prints

This activity is pretty messy, but very fun!  I found this idea in the book “The Out of Sync Child Has Fun” by Carol Stock Kranowitz.  It’s called Paw Prints.  The activity helps with tactile discrimination, proprioception, motor planning, body awareness and eye-foot coordination.

What you need:

  • cornstarch
  • colored paper or mat
  • tape

You’ll want to find an area inside your house where you don’t mind making a mess, or do this outside because the cornstarch will get everywhere.

  1. Tape the colored paper to the floor (I used painter’s tape to do this) or lay out your mat
  2. Sprinkle cornstarch at the front of the paper
  3. Walk through the cornstarch and make “paw prints” on the paper

Getting Ready To Walk Through The Cornstarch


Making Paw Prints


This Is Fun!


He Wanted Mommy To Join In Too


Trevor had a lot of fun doing this, but next time I’ll either do it outside or put down a lot more paper.  But I guess making cornstarch footprints all over your kitchen floor is more fun than on paper, at least if you’re a kid and you’re mom’s cleaning up the mess 😉

Holy Mess Batman!


Just a little warning:  the cornstarch on a wood floor is pretty slippery.  Because of his issues with balance and muscle tone Trevor still falls down many times a day, so slipping in it didn’t really faze him, but if your kid gets upset when they fall you might want to find a different surface to do this on.


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