Therapy Thursday: It’s My (Christmas) Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Today Trevor went to a Christmas party thrown by his Early Intervention Program, the Progress Center.  As much as I’d like to write that Trevor had a blast, I can’t.    He did have fun decorating a picture frame…

And eating a cookie…

…but other than that he had a hard time.  He couldn’t do the cake walk, or make an evergreen centerpiece, or sit with Santa.  He was just too overwhelmed by the lights and noise and people.  It hurts my heart that he has so much trouble in large crowds and unfamiliar places (the party wasn’t at Progress Center, but at a different location).  And of course he even had trouble doing the things he wanted to do – decorating the frame and eating the cookie – because he has a difficult time sitting in a regular chair by himself.  Ugh.  All I want for Christmas is for my baby boy to be able to go to a Christmas party and enjoy himself the entire time!


He did love the decorations though.  He fell in love with this moose:

And kept giving it hugs:


One thought on “Therapy Thursday: It’s My (Christmas) Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

  1. My Mom sent me your blog link so I checked it out!!!! Warmed my heart to read. Thank you for sharing. Since I dont have kids yet it makes me smile to read stories of you guys who do. Miss you and hope your holidays are blessed with great family traditions and memories!


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