In Memoriam

My Papa died tonight.  He was an amazing man and I was lucky enough to call him my grandfather.  I will always remember his wit and charm, his love of family and sports, as well as his perfectly coiffed hair 🙂

I was fortunate enough to visit with him this morning before his failing lungs and the morphine took his voice.  He told me I was a wonderful mother, and I told him it was because I had great role models.

As I looked into my son’s eyes tonight I was filled with both sadness and hope.  Sadness that my son will not remember his Papa.  But hope that a new generation will continue on and grow into a man as equally amazing as my Papa was.  It’s corny, but as I look at Trevor and grieve the loss of my Papa, I’m reminded of the “Lion King” and the great circle of life.  If it wasn’t for death we wouldn’t have life.  I hope that if I remember that then the sadness won’t overcome me.  And I know too that he is at peace now.  He can breathe again and is looking down at his family and smiling.

I love you Papa.

Christmas 2011 - So lucky we could spend it with Papa and Nan


One thought on “In Memoriam

  1. So sorry for your loss! It’s so hard losing grandparents, they mean so much to us. As of two years ago I have lost all of my grandparents. Fortunately, they are in heaven and I know I will see them again, I can’t wait for that! I will be praying for you and your family as you go through this time.

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