Sensational Saturday: Snow Globe Bottle Baby

I’m always trying to find different ways to add in heavy work to Trevor’s day.  One of the ideas I found in “The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun” are Bottle Babies.  Since it’s winter I decided to turn this activity into a fun snow-themed craft project as well.

Checking out the bottle

Adding in some snowflakes

Checking out the funnel

Looking at his finished Snow Globe Bottle Baby

It looks so cool when you shake it up

The seal of approval:  putting it in his bean bin

What you need:

  • clean 2-liter bottle
  • water
  • baby oil
  • glitter
  • funnel
  • foam snowflakes (I got these at the Dollar Tree, they’re the same ones we used in the Let it Snow project)
  • super glue

How to make it:

  1. Fill the 2-liter bottle about 2/3 full of water.
  2. Add in a small bottle of baby oil.
  3. Drop in your foam snowflakes (this is a great fine motor activity too!)
  4. Using a funnel, shake in some glitter.
  5. Spread a line of super glue outside the rim of the bottle and twist the cap back on.
  6. Have fun shaking, carrying, kicking, lifting, and playing with your Snow Globe Bottle Baby!

The Bottle Baby activity helps improve proprioception, body awareness, bilateral coordination, muscle control, grading of movement, and visual skills.


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