Bye-Bye Crib!

Since Trevor can’t climb I thought he’d be in his crib forever.  Actually, I was kind of hoping that would be the case 😉  I liked the feeling of having him safely contained in one spot.  And he loved his crib, so this transition to a big boy bed came as a surprise to us all.

He always liked to kick the sides of his crib while laying down, and he also enjoyed jiggling the sides while standing.  Because of this I checked the hardware often and tightened the screws.  Yesterday when I went to tighten the screws I noticed that the upper right hardware connecting his crib rail was in danger of failing.  There was actually a gap!  As it wasn’t safe for him to sleep in the crib any longer we decided to take off the crib rail and convert his crib into a toddler bed.

Since he doesn’t like change I was a nervous wreck, but he’s done so well with the change.  To get him used to it we let him play in his new “big boy” bed yesterday afternoon and he really liked that.  He piled in a bunch of toys:

Last night he did a lot better than I expected.  He only fell out once, which from the stories I’ve heard from other moms makes me consider that a successful night.  Of course he cried when he fell out, but other than that there were only a few tears.  He was a happy boy when I went to get him this morning 🙂
He even stayed in his bed during naptime, and so far hasn’t tried escaping once.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this transition continues to be a smooth one.
I’ll miss knowing he’s safely contained, but I’m already enjoying this new milestone.  I can lay in bed and snuggle with him while we read his bedtime stories.  And more snuggles is always a good thing!

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