Can I Just Be Mad Today?

Normally on Mondays I post about an awesome art project that we create.  We made a super cute one I was planning on sharing, but honestly I’m in a pity party kind of mood right now.  I have no interest in pretending like everything is fine and I think I’ll blog about our next great winter craft another day.  Because today I’m mad.  I’m mad that my child has to struggle.  I’m mad that he can’t get into his new big boy bed without help.  I’m mad that the only solution I’ve come up with (foam steps) costs over one hundred dollars.  And then again, I’m not even sure that would work.  Why oh why can’t my toddler just climb into his toddler bed?  I hate that we may need to buy adaptive equipment for him.  It makes me mad.  And just for today I need to express that to the world.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be my happy self once again.


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