Therapy Thursday: Scooter Board Races

Scooter boards are a great therapy tool.  They help develop gross motor skills as well as give vestibular and proprioceptive input.  Plus they’re fun!  To get Trevor excited about using the scooter board I like to do scooter board races.  I use painter’s tape to make a track on our floor, and then he gets on the scooter board and I push one of his toy cars and we race.

There are three general ways Trevor uses his scooter board in these races:

  1. He will lay on the scooter board and pull himself forward with his arms (I do have to help him with this one).
  2. He sits on the scooter board and propels himself forward with his feet.
  3. He kneels on the ground, places his hands on the scooter board, and pushes the scooter board.

Checking out the racetrack:

Laying on the scooterboard:

Sitting on the scooterboard:

Kneeling and pushing the scooterboard:

Pulling the tape off the floor is fun too 🙂


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