First Day of Class!

It’s been nearly a week since I blogged last.  There’s been some heavy stuff going on lately with Trevor and I’m still trying to process it.  When we meet with his geneticist next month I’ll share what we’ve learned.  But for now I’m not quite ready to do that.  However, I would like to share what Trevor did today.  He went to his first class!  He looked super cute and I had to take that typical First Day of School picture:

This was his first time attending a class without me.  I was nervous how he’d do with the separation since he’s a mama’s boy, but he did surprisingly well.  It made me a little sad that he didn’t miss me too much!  He made a cute art project which is proudly hung on our fridge 🙂  I also can’t wait to try this project with him again at home.  They painted with ice!
Even though the separation wasn’t tough, there were some hard parts.  The class is designed to work on communication and social skills, not motor skills.  Trevor was the only kid in class with global delays, so the other kids were literally running circles around him.  The other kids could climb the stairs, slide down the slide, blow bubbles, drink out of cups, even just sit in the class chairs without issues.  Trevor crawled up the stairs in they gym and then got stuck trying to figure out how to go down the slide.  They’re also going to have to get a different chair for him next week, as the ones they have for the class aren’t supportive enough for him.  I am so used to Trevor that I don’t even think about his motor delays that much.  Seeing how far behind his peers he really is definitely hurts a mama’s heart.
But I’m so proud of him and how well he did.  He’s making great progress and that’s the important thing.  He also has the sweetest smile and is as smart as a whip 🙂  I love my little man and can’t wait to see the story he writes, even if it has a few more bumps than most.

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