Therapy Thursday: Heart Hunt

Yesterday we went on a “Heart Hunt”.  This is a great activity to work on gross motor skills, as well as spatial awareness.

Excited to look for some hearts:


Climbing (this is a brand new inchstone for him!):

Stepping over an obstacle (I have to help him with this, as he can’t to it independently yet):


Trevor loved doing this!  He wanted to do it again and again.  In fact we did 5 Heart Hunts in a row!  This really wore him out, but it was great to see him willing to engage in a motor activity.  Since motor tasks are hard for him he usually avoids them.

I used salt dough hearts that we made together for this heart hunt, but you could use hearts cut out of paper, felt, or any other medium.  Since he’s only 2 years old the hearts weren’t really “hidden”, but you can easily tailor this activity to your child’s skill level.  I hid them in obvious places that he would have to work a little to get to.


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