Sensational Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

So it’s not Saturday, but I thought I’d post this fun sensory bin idea anyway.  Yesterday was a crazy day and I didn’t get a chance to write a post.  This Valentine’s Day sensory bin is lots of fun though, so I wanted to share.

Sensory bins are a great way to stimulate the senses, as well as to develop motor, cognitive, and language skills.  You can use lots of different objects to create a sensory bin, but this is what we used to make our Valentine’s Day themed one:

  • Rice, dyed pink (to learn how to dye rice check out this page)
  • Fuzzy hearts (found these at the Dollar tree – they had stems attached to them, but I removed those)
  • Small heart-shaped boxes (great for fine motor development and hide and seek games)
  • Heart-shaped clappers (to stimulate the auditory sense)
  • Heart-shaped glow stick (to stimulate the visual sense)
  • Heart-shaped table scatter (the same stuff we used for our Valentine’s Day Sticky Collage – it’s great because it has a rough texture, as opposed to the smoothness of the plastic heart boxes and softness of the fuzzy hearts)
  • Salt dough hearts we made
  • Scoops and funnel
  • Heart-shaped toy with button (because Trevor loves buttons!)

He thought the glowing heart was pretty neat:

Using the heart glow stick to stir the rice:

Shaking the clappers:

Digging for the glow stick:

The fun doesn’t really start until you get in the bin too:


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