Make-It Monday: Hand Stamped Valentines

On Friday Trevor got to exchange Valentines with the classmates in his Language Group.  Instead of going out and buying pre-made Valentines, I decided it would be fun (and much more special) if we made them ourselves.  So we created these hand stamped Valentines.

What you need:

  • red paint
  • blank cards
  • toilet paper roll
  • tape

How to make it:

  1. Fold the toilet paper roll in half lengthwise to create 2 creases.
  2. Push one of the creases back into the middle of the toilet paper roll to create a heart shape.
  3. Secure heart stamp with a piece of tape at each end.
  4. Dip the heart stamp into the red paint, then stamp onto the front of the blank cards.
  5. Let dry, then write a special message inside.
  6. Share your hand-stamped Valentines!

We did a practice run on a piece of paper, and I highly suggest you do that.  Trevor doesn’t have the fine motor control to create a full heart shape without a little help.   That big red blob in the corner of the paper is his attempt.  The ones that look like hearts I helped him with, hand over hand.  If your little one is older and/or has good fine motor control you can skip the practice run if you want.

Me and Trev stamping the Valentines together:

The finished product:

Our inside messages, complete with Trevor’s “signature”:

I cut a small rectangle out of a piece of cardboard and let Trevor scribble, so that his “signature” was contained to the right spot:

These turned out beautifully! Also, Trevor had so much fun with the heart stamp we made.  He was covered in red paint by the time we were done.  After I got some good impressions on the Valentines I gave him back the practice sheet and let him run wild.  He loves to dip and stamp!


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