Happy Valentine’s Day!

I never used to like Valentine’s Day that well.  It always felt a little forced and commercial to me.  But now that Trevor’s here I love every holiday.  Holidays are an excuse to go over-the-top and just have fun.  Today we took the heart theme to the extreme and enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.  I say almost because Trevor is Trevor and he did have the usual sensory meltdowns.  But still, today was a blast!

I made whole wheat banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  They were delicious.  Head on over to Skinny Taste if you want the recipe.

Then I took the fuzzy hearts out of our Valentine’s Day sensory bin and made a trail leading upstairs to Trevor’s Valentine’s Day present.

He had a great time picking up hearts and of course loved finding a present at the end.

His favorite gift was a Berenstain Bears Valentine’s book.  He just loves his books!

Next we ripped up some of the tissue paper from his present and made a craft project.

After that we went back downstairs and made a mess heart-shaped Crazy Cake.  Trevor liked helping dump some of the ingredients into the pan, but I think his favorite part of baking is licking the spoon.  Smart kid! 😉

While the cake was baking we ate lunch (berries, heart-shaped cucumbers, and heart-shaped quesadilla bites)

After lunch he had an OT appointment.  They worked on drawing, doing some hand-over-hand tracing of circles and lines.  His OT has these neat circle cut-outs that she uses to help teach kids how to draw circles.  I’m going to have to add making one of them to my to-do list.  They also did some hand-over-hand cutting.  Then Trev went to town with some stickers!  He loves stickers 🙂

Trevor had a hard time going down for his nap, but once he did I frosted the crazy cake.  It’s not the most beautiful heart-shaped cake in the world, but it still tasted great!   As you can see by the two-handed cake shoveling Trevor loved it 🙂

Trevor had a pretty rough afternoon so we just read some books and tried to keep things low-key.  He was pretty happy during bathtime though.

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day!

And here’s one more cute shot of him showing off his Valentine’s day shirt, along with the custom conversation heart I made just for him (showing a little orthotics love, lol):


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