Trevor’s Inchstones

Today I want to celebrate some of the progress Trevor is making.  Parents of neurotypical kids measure their child’s progress in milestones, but us SN mamas like to measure our children’s successes in inchstones.  Trevor may develop a little more slowly than most kids, but the important thing is that he is progressing.  And if there is one benefit to developmental delays, it’s that while there may be more sorrow, there is also more joy.  Every little step is celebrated because you know how hard your child (and you!) worked to get there.

  1. Spoon Feeding!  Trevor recently started feeding himself with a spoon.  He can only do it with his stronger hand (his left), and half the time the spoon ends up upside down or sideways, but it’s progress.  He is getting the spoon from the bowl to his mouth all by himself!  Since he still doesn’t have a ton of coordination with this movement he’s only able to eat thick liquids like Greek Yogurt, but I am so proud of this new accomplishment.  He thinks he’s pretty cool too 🙂
  2. Wearing Headphones!  Trevor has auditory defensiveness, meaning some sounds actually hurt him when he hears them.  Recently he started willingly wearing his noise-cancelling headphones when there are noises around him that hurt.  This is actually 3 inchstones in one: actually wearing the headphones without getting upset, recognizing that the headphones do help him, and requesting them verbally (yay for functional language!).  Hopefully this willingness to wear headphones translates to being okay with the headphones he’ll have to wear when we start Listening Therapy.  And he looks pretty darn cute in them too 😉
  3. Matching Skill-Master!  This one is just a shameless mommy brag.  Trevor is really into books and he has the most amazing memory.  He doesn’t seem to forget anything.  Yesterday he was “reading” his Cars puzzle book and he was insistent on going downstairs to get his Cars button book.  I didn’t understand why he NEEDED it so badly, but I went and got it for him.  Well he started pushing the buttons on one book that matched the pictures underneath the puzzle pieces in the other.  I love seeing the way his little mind works!

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