In Hot Water

One of the unfortunate side effects to “waking up” Trevor’s senses (he struggles with low registration) is that sometimes he feels too much now.  He’s been having a lot of trouble with water temperature lately.  And even though he can physically say the words “hot” and “cold” now he has a hard time communicating that the water is either too hot or too cold.  Instead he cries, screams, and flails every night before getting into the bathtub.  The other night he smacked me in the face and knocked my glasses off as he was flailing.  I’m used to him accidentally hitting/kicking/stepping on me (he has a very poor sense of body awareness), so I’m more concerned about him hurting himself.  Bathrooms are full of very hard surfaces and I don’t want him to freak out and injure himself.

I’m really trying to focus on teaching him the concept of hot and cold.  Today I filled the right side of our kitchen sink with hot water and the left side with cold water.  Then I got some water toys and had him play in the water.  We talked about which side had the hot water and which side had the cold water.  After awhile I drained the water and filled the right side with cold water and the left side with hot water, so he wouldn’t associate sides with temperature.  He had a blast playing in the water and it really seemed like he got the concept of hot and cold.

Unfortunately it didn’t translate to the bath water though.  He still struggled with communicating whether or not the water was too hot or too cold.  I’m hoping that the more I expose him to the concept of hot and cold, the easier it will be for him to communicate with me.  I hate to see him distressed because of his sensory sensitivities, but it makes it even worse when he can’t tell me what is wrong so that I can fix it.


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