Cardboard Box Body Painting

Any time we have a good-sized cardboard box left over I try to do a fun project with it before it gets thrown out.  Recently we did some cardboard box body painting.  Because box + paint + toddler = a messy good time!

We did this in our master bathroom so that I could transfer Trevor to a bathtub as soon as he was done.  He had a great time exploring the paint with his toes and his fingers!

He kept wanting me to add more paint, but that made for a slippery surface.  Being the already unstable walker that he is I had to add something that would absorb some of the liquid.  I shook some corn meal into the box on top of the paint.  You could also use flour or cornstarch, but I thought the corn meal’s gritty texture would add a new layer to the sensory experience.

This is such a fun activity!  It also promotes tactile discrimination and works on improving body awareness and balance.


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