A Brand New Adventure

Trevor has an announcement…

I’m pregnant!  Trevor’s going to be a big brother around November 14th 🙂

It’s amazing that something so small already has a heartbeat.  It is so cool to see that little flicker from the heartbeat on the ultrasound monitor.

I had my first OB appt. yesterday and it was completely different than it was with Trevor.  It’s crazy how far-reaching that little chromosome duplication is.  How not only those duplicated genes affect Trevor’s life and abilities, but how they now affect his sibling’s lives.  Instead of a quick appointment, we had to discuss the different prenatal testing options for this baby.  Having one child with a chromosome disorder may put me at higher risk for having another, so this pregnancy will be monitored more closely than Trevor’s.  We haven’t decided on how much (if any) extra testing we’re going to do.

We also discussed the difficult labor I had with Trevor, which I know exacerbated his issues.  He has right-sided weakness and we may be looking at a hemiplegic CP diagnosis here shortly.  I have a different doctor this time around, and she seems to truly care about making this pregnancy and delivery as stress-free as possible.  Hopefully knowing what we know now will lead to an easier delivery this time around.

4 thoughts on “A Brand New Adventure

  1. When I was asked about testing, I decided this way: If the tests showed A, B, or C would that change my mind about the pregnancy or anything I would do during the pregnancy? Would I feel stressed during the pregnancy if I knew or didn’t know?

    Good luck! Your little one will be just what he/she needs to be 🙂

    • Thanks for your advice. I know test results won’t change our minds on going forward with the pregnancy, so it’s probably not worth it. But getting those extra ultrasounds might be good peace of mind. Decisions, decisions. Thanks again!

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