Crash! Bang! Boom!

A Crash Pad is a great way to get proprioceptive input.  Falling (or jumping, if your kid has mastered that skill) onto the Crash Pad is a good way to get vestibular input as well.  “Crashing” is one of Trevor’s favorite activities!  Not only is it fun, but he gets that proprioceptive and vestibular input his body craves.  You can buy large bean bags to use as a Crash Pad, or sew together some fabric and stuff it with foam or pillows, or you can just do like we do and round up all the pillows in the house and pile them on the floor.

Trevor has always loved to just throw his body down onto the pillows.  But lately he’s been getting a kick out of me singing him songs, like “Humpty Dumpty” before he crashes.  When Humpty Dumpty falls down, so does Trevor.  This is also a great way to work on auditory processing skills.

To provide even more proprioceptive input, I often grab an extra pillow and “squish” him into the Crash Pad after he’s fallen.  He loves it!

Trevor loves to crash at any time, but we’ve really been trying to get him to crash in the evenings to help regulate his sensory system before bed.  I’ve found that the more proprioceptive work we do in the afternoon and evening, the quicker he falls asleep.  And when you have a kid who routinely takes a couple hours to turn himself “off” before he falls asleep, you try everything!


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