Happy Easter!

We’ve had a lot of fun this Easter weekend.  Yesterday morning we went on an Easter egg hunt organized by our community Lions club.  I was debating whether or not to take Trevor since he’s not a fan of crowds, but I decided to go for it.  We got there at the perfect time, just after they blew the horn to start the hunt, so we didn’t have to stand around with a huge crowd of people.  Trevor had a blast exploring the campground and hunting for eggs.  The ground was uneven and he fell down a lot, but being muddy apparently makes egg hunts more fun!  After all the eggs were found we walked to the entrance where it was a total zoo.  As soon as we got into the crowd, Trevor said “bye bye”.  He just can’t handle crowds, so we left.  But I consider this a huge victory.  Instead of crying or screaming he SAID “bye bye”.  He told me he needed to leave.  What a major breakthrough!

He absolutely loved his eggs and basket.  It was a chilly morning, but the sun was actually shining so we played outside after the egg hunt.  He had to take his eggs and basket out to the play structure.  He held on to the basket while he was swinging and had me put it up in the “treehouse” part of the play structure with him.  We discovered it’s pretty fun to throw Easter eggs down a slide too!

Then last night we put out a plate of carrots for the Easter Bunny (our dog Sadie decided to “help” too).  Trevor got sort of obsessed with the Easter Bunny after we did that.  All throughout dinner and his evening routine he kept saying “Easter Bunny” over and over. He was so excited I was surprised he fell asleep!

This morning we discovered that the Easter Bunny enjoyed his carrots.  He even left footprints behind!  And of course, he left a basket full of goodies for Trev.  We had a great time reading his new book, playing with stickers, shooting hoops (and Easter eggs), as well as exploring the grow capsules the Easter bunny left.  I told Trevor the capsules would do something magical in water, so he kept repeating “It’s magical” over and over while we were playing with those.  He’s just the cutest little kid!

Todd had to work this weekend, so he missed out on most of our Easter fun.  But luckily we live close to where he works, so he was able to watch Trevor hunt for Easter eggs at our house on his lunch break.

Because of his food dye intolerance his eggs were filled with stickers instead of candy.  He loves stickers, so he’s definitely not missing out on anything 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!  I’m excited that next year there will be 2 Easter baskets up on that mantle.  Hopefully Trevor will enjoy sharing the holiday magic with his little brother or sister.

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