On Thursday we have our first transition meeting with the school district.  Honestly just thinking about it makes me want to puke.  Will Trevor get the services he needs when he turns 3?  If he goes to preschool will there be an aide to help him safely navigate the playground?   Will the noise and lights from the classroom be too overwhelming?  All of these thoughts are keeping me up at night.  As much as I try to tell myself that worrying does no good, I can’t stop it.  This last Friday I was observing him in his Language Group.  Currently there are only 3 kids in the class (including him), and 2 teachers.  Even with a ratio of 3 kids to 2 teachers he struggles.  He needs one-on-one support in the gym.  He can’t sit in a regular chair.  He is so distracted by the other kids (and there’s only 2!) that he can’t focus on learning.  Now Trevor is one smart cookie.  He has many delays, but cognitively he is just fine.  If anything he is gifted.  But to learn he has to have the proper supports and environment.  Watching him on Friday made me wonder if he’ll ever be successful in a brightly lit classroom filled with 30 other kids and only 1 teacher.  It kills me to think that this intelligent, curious little boy might struggle mightily in school.

I’m really hoping for the best.  I hope that this meeting goes smoothly and they offer Trevor preschool services as well as pull out PT and OT services.  I hope I don’t have to fight for him the way I know many parents have to fight for their special kids.  And above all, I hope that with whatever that magic number 3 brings, he’ll be successful.

5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. You must be so tired of the fight! His best activist… I hope things will go smoothly, but know you’ll be up to the challenge if you must.

  2. I worry about my son (2.5) with SPD in school too, so unless things change, I’m keeping homeschooling in my back pocket. Hope it goes well for you when he turns two.

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