Shaving Cream Fine Motor Fun

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, but this pregnancy is totally wiping me out.  I’m still working with Trevor of course, but I barely have enough energy for that, let alone the energy to edit pictures and write about it all.  Hopefully with the 2nd trimester approaching I’ll be developing more energy!

One thing we’ve been working with Trevor on is his ability to copy marks (like lines and circular patterns) on paper with crayons or markers.  Unfortunately Trevor is really struggling with using crayons/markers/etc. and he’s really started to resist even trying to color.  He’s starting to realize that things are harder for him and getting upset when they are 😦  His new OT suggested we work on copying marks differently.  Since he’s having such a hard time holding a crayon, we’re now working on copying marks without using any tools.  Hopefully once he gets the concept of imitating marks with his hands it will be easier to try and get him to do it with a tool.  His new OT suggested we use finger paint for this, but I thought shaving cream would be more fun!

I sprayed a bunch of shaving cream onto Trevor’s tray and let him play in it.  I also tried to get him to imitate some lines and circles.  It wasn’t a huge success, but his willingness to try and make the marks was an awesome step.  I also added some food coloring to the shaving cream to spice things up once he started getting restless.

Watching Mommy make a mark:

Trying to copy a line:

He had a great time squishing the colored shaving cream:

After Trevor was done I remembered an art project I’d pinned on Pinterest making shaving cream art.  Since I didn’t have any cardstock on hand I grabbed a couple of white paper plates to use instead.  We squished the plates into the shaving cream, and then let them dry for about 10 minutes.  Then I used a craft stick to scrape off the shaving cream.  This leaves behind some beautiful colored swirl patterns.

The plates after I scraped off the shaving cream:


I was planning on just displaying the plates as Trevor’s finished art, but I decided the next day to go a step further.  I cut the plates into sixths, and then cut 3 circles out of one of Trevor’s many sticker pages.  I then made 3 flowers out of the plate pieces and circles.  Trevor loves his flowers!  He thinks they’re pretty cool, so I’m glad I decided to make them for him.  He loves looking at them and studying them.

Cute boy posing by his flowers:



2 thoughts on “Shaving Cream Fine Motor Fun

  1. Is he a shark lover too? My boy loves all things with large and plentiful teeth… 🙂 I think I’ll try the shaving cream activity, it looks fun and messy, just the right combo. I don’t know if it’s something you’ve thought about, but I’m using the Injini iPad app to help my son with tracing (lines, circles, diagonals) and it’s made a big difference. He also gets really frustrated with tools.

    • Yes, he’s really into sharks right now (and dinosaurs). All of those big, scary animals! Thanks for the iPad app recommendation. I’m having a hard time even getting Trevor to pick up a tool right now, so I’d love to explore other options for copying marks.

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