Looking Good So Far!

In light of Trevor’s delays and chromosome disorder we were faced with some decisions to make during this pregnancy.  My doctor suggested we do some extra prenatal testing to give me peace of mind about this baby’s development.  Todd and I decided to go ahead with the non-invasive testing (the NT scan and some additional blood work).

Last Friday I went in and had the ultrasound done, as well as the first-trimester blood work.  It was wonderful to see Baby #2 moving all over the place!  Baby has a strong heartbeat and at least to my untrained eye everything looked great.  Today we got the confirmation that all of the tests show that this baby is developing within normal limits so far.

I know that a normal NT scan doesn’t guarantee that this baby will be neurotypical, but it does make me feel much more confident.  I love Trevor more than anything, but seeing him struggle is really hard.  I hope that this next baby won’t have to struggle like he does.

And to add to the good news the measurements taken during this ultrasound caused the doctor to move my due date up a week.  So now I’m 14 weeks along and officially in the 2nd trimester!  Hopefully this means more energy and less nausea 🙂


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