Workin’ at the Car Wash, Yeah!

After watching an episode of “Curious George” with Trevor in which George designs a car wash for his toy cars I was inspired to set up a Car Wash for Trevor.  George’s Car Wash was pretty elaborate, but I decided to go simple.  I filled a plastic under the bed storage container with water and dish soap, then added in a sponge, a cup, and Trevor’s plastic trucks.  He had a blast playing with his Car Wash and it couldn’t have been an easier project for this tired pregnant mama to assemble.  The Car Wash is a great way to work on pretend play skills, do some fine motor work (pouring water, squeezing the sponge, etc.) as well as to do some sensory exploration with the water and bubbles.


Checking out the Car Wash:


Squeezing the sponge:


Washing a truck (Trevor does so much better at pretend play when he has a concrete idea in his head.  We watched George wash cars, then he was able to do it too):


Rinsing another truck:


He washed his cars a few times, but mostly he enjoyed putting the trucks in and out of the Car Wash.  He loves to move his toys around:


Proud of his work:


Enjoying taking them back out again:


Some nice sensory and fine motor play popping bubbles:


3 thoughts on “Workin’ at the Car Wash, Yeah!

  1. I’m definitely going to have to try this with my son. You are brave to be adding #2. I want to, but am a little scared since my #1 has been so complicated. I look forward to following you as your adventure doubles. =) Are you due in Nov?

    • Yes, I’m due in November. I’m also a little scared about adding #2 due to all of Trevor’s issues, but as this pregnancy progresses I’m feeling more confident. Hopefully it all works out! It’s a tough decision to have another child.

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