Mother’s Day 2012

Last night I decided that since I’m a big, sappy, hormonal, pregnant mess this Mother’s Day I wanted to start a new tradition and write to my sweet Trevor and this unborn baby today.

Dear Trevor,

I love you so much.  You made me a mother and I am forever grateful for that.  No matter the heartache and hardship we have faced together, being your mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I am so proud of all you do.  You have to work harder than most kids, but you do it with such vigor and grace that you inspire me to face my own life in the same way.

Yes we have our hard times.  And apparently Mother’s Day is no exception to that.  Today you woke up having one of your rough mornings.  You are having a hard time communicating your wants and needs, instead reverting back to a lot of perseverative speech, echolailia, and tears.  But through it all you are still wonderfully you.  We played in the sandbox and you had a breakthrough, instigating some pretend play all on your own!  Then we enjoyed the sunshine even more and turned on the sprinkler.  My heart was filled with joy watching you play outside.  You have come so far being able to walk on the uneven grass.  I love more than anything watching you bloom.  Seeing you smile and your hands flap with happiness makes me so incredibly happy too.

And to our Little Turkey,

I feel so blessed to be starting a new journey through motherhood with you.  I can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow into the person you are meant to be.  I love you already, though I do have to admit I’m a little nervous about having two little lives to care for.  But if there’s anything I’ve learned from your brother it’s that you learn as you go.  There is no sense in worrying about the future.  I hope I can teach you and your brother as much about life as I know you’ll teach me.


Your Mama


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