A Proprioceptive Sheet-Changing Adventure

Trevor has been interested in “helping” me with household tasks lately.  Usually that means more work for me, but it always means fun for him so it’s worth it 🙂  And today when he helped me change the sheets on my bed I realized what a great proprioceptive activity it is! I always love when I discover a fun way to add heavy work and sensory activities into our daily lives.

How to Make Changing the Sheets a Sensory Adventure:

  • Have your little one help you pull the pillowcases off the pillows.  Pulling is great proprioceptive work!
  • Let your child climb all over the pillows, blankets, and sheets on the floor.  Not only does this work on balance and body awareness, but it’s a great gross motor activity too.
  • Wrap your child up in the sheets if they’ll let you.  (Never force this type of activity, but it’s awesome for proprioception).  Trevor loves to be wrapped up and buried so he had a blast doing this.  He kept asking me to wrap him up again and again.  And finding their way out of the sheets and blankets once they’re covered is a good way to work on motor planning skills too.
  • Have your child lift your heavy blankets and carry them around.  More great heavy work – and if you can get them to carry them to the laundry room that’s just an added bonus 🙂

I mean really, who needs toys when you have dirty laundry to play with, LOL?!


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