Making a Scarecrow (Just Like Georgie)

I started reading Trevor books right after he was born.  He’s always loved hearing about Curious George’s adventures, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when he started watching TV at 2 that he’d fall in love with the Curious George TV show on PBS too.  It is by far his favorite show and he asks to “watch Georgie” every day.  You should hear the squeals and see the cute flappy arms fly when he sees the intro to the show!  Having Trevor watch Curious George has been great.  After watching an episode he tries to imitate George, which has been a great way to work on his pretend play skills (like we did when we made the Car Wash).  Recently we watched George build a scarecrow for his garden, and since we had just made Trevor his very own garden, he decided it needed a scarecrow.  So of course we made one!

He asked to make a scarecrow right after watching the show, so I just threw things together on the fly.  You could use whatever materials you have on hand, but this is what we used:

  • Empty 1/2 Gallon Jug
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Permanent Marker
  • Plastic Cup
  • Stickers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Duct Tape
  • Clear Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • 2 Paint Stir Sticks

How We Made It:

  1. Rinse out the plastic jug.
  2. If you’d like to color the scarecrow’s body then you can mix some washable paint (Trevor chose red) with a little water.
  3. Add the thinned paint to the inside of the jug, put the lid back on and shake to coat the inside.  (This takes a little while to dry, so you could either wait for it to dry or just leave the lid on while you finish making it and let it dry when you’re done decorating the scarecrow).
  4. Turn the jug upside down so that the hole is at the bottom.
  5. Glue on googly eyes.
  6. Draw a nose and mouth.
  7. Cut around the top few inches of your plastic cup, then flip that piece over and place the bottom of the cup inside of it to create a brimmed hat.  Use clear tape to secure.  Trevor decorated the hat with stickers, but you could paint it or decorate however you choose.
  8. Use duct tape to tape the hat to the top of your scarecrow.
  9. Cut two slits in the side of the jug for arms, then slide a paint stir stick all the way through.  Trevor also had me use the marker to draw hands on the arms.
  10. Remove the lid and let the paint dry if you haven’t already.
  11. Then once it’s dry, put the other stir stick into the hole of your jug and “plant” your scarecrow in your garden.

Like I said this was all thrown together last minute so I’m sure you could come up with lots of other materials to construct your scarecrow with.  Our scarecrow may not be winning any awards for looks or quality, but Trevor loves it and is so proud of it 🙂


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