Pirate Water Play

I’ve always loved Melissa & Doug toys.  They’re educational and a great way to work on motor skills with Trevor (the latches board is awesome).  This summer I found a new reason to love the Melissa & Doug company – they started a program called Camp Sunny Patch.  It’s a virtual summer camp filled with all sorts of activities to do with your kids.  The first week’s activity was making frozen pirate ships.

Water play is a great sensory activity and one Trevor loves so much, so I just knew we had to make these frozen pirate ships!  I also added beaded necklaces, gold coins and gems to the water bin and told Trevor it was sunken pirate treasure that he had to discover.  It’s always great when you can combine sensory play, pretend play, and a fine motor skill activity all in one!

Filling up what I lovingly call our “redneck water table” – a plastic under-the-bed storage bin set on top of our patio table:

Playing with the frozen pirate ships (we added food coloring to make it a little more interesting):

The one negative part to this project is that the sails are made of paper, so they don’t last that long in the water.  Trevor still had fun, but the next time we do this I’ll use a different material for the sails:

Picking up sunken pirate treasure:

After the pirate ships melted he requested “more ships”, but since they take awhile to freeze I just brought him some ice cubes to play with.  He loved that too:

Enjoying dumping water with a cup:

All in all this was a lot of fun.  Trevor had a blast playing with the frozen ships and it was a great way to talk about the concept of cold too.  Last night in the bathtub he requested “more pirate ships”, so we’ll be doing this again soon.  The next round of ships are freezing right now 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pirate Water Play

  1. Hi! That’s a great idea! You know they make plastic manila folders that you could cut the sails out of. Also there are flexible binders (with thin plastic covers) that you find all the time at yard sales or second hand stores. You could cut the sails out of those too. 🙂

  2. My little girl is blind and autistic, and I think she would love this! We have been on the look out for one of the water/sand tables for a while now …cruising the yard sales, classifieds, and anywhere else I can think of to look. 🙂 It looks like your lil guy had a lot of fun with this activity! Thanks for sharing.

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