Preschool Bound (and Mommy’s a Nervous Wreck)

We had Trevor’s evaluation meeting with the school district today and found out he does indeed qualify for services when he turns 3.  It’s crazy because for months I’ve been nervous about whether or not he’ll qualify and I really felt in my heart that preschool would be the best thing for him.  But instead of being filled with excitement I’m now filled with dread.

I was able to visit his preschool classroom today and to meet with his teachers and reality finally set in.  In September my baby boy will be gone from me 4 mornings a week and it terrifies me.  I’ve always been there to help him and now I’m going to have to trust complete strangers to have his best interest in mind.  I know all parents go through this type of emotional roller-coaster when they send their kid off to school for the first time, but for me it’s different.  I also have to worry about his safety.  Trevor can’t safely navigate stairs, or the playground, or even sit in a regular chair yet.  I’m going to have to have faith that the school, and not me, will be able to protect him and teach him these new skills at the same time.  Also, Trevor struggles with self-regulation due to his SPD.  Right now I’m very adept at recognizing when he’s overloaded and can help calm him down.  These new teachers will have to learn these signs so that they can help him learn to self-regulate.

When I first left the evaluation meeting I wanted to call the whole thing off – cancel his IEP meeting and say I’m keeping him home with me.  But while I’m truly uncertain whether or not preschool will be the best fit for him right now, I also don’t want my own selfish mommy emotions to cloud my judgement.  We are definitely going to go ahead and try preschool.  If he struggles and it’s just too much for him we can always pull him out and home school.  I know that option is there.  But since his social/emotional skills were the lowest scores out of all of his test results (in the first percintile, yikes!) I know that the only way he’ll be successful come kindergarten is if we work on getting him in a classroom environment now.

The next step in this process is the IEP meeting.  I’ve heard some horror stories when it comes to IEP meetings, so I’m a little nervous.  Hopefully we’ll have a good experience and the school will be easy to work with.  The IEP meeting is set for Monday, so wish us luck!  And if anyone has great advice regarding IEP meetings I’d love to hear it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Preschool Bound (and Mommy’s a Nervous Wreck)

  1. I’m with you momma! I have the same fears for my son who will start our county’s preschool this September! I do have to say that our IEP meeting was fantastic! I think mostly due to the teacher that we got! She seems to really love what she does and seems very experienced! Just go in knowing what you want for your son and make sure they listen to you – good teachers will listen (since you know your child the best) and will collectively come up with short term and long term goals. Make sure to mention all of his physical limitations & safety issues and that everything gets written down in the IEP! Good luck! I’m sure our kids will do wonderful and if not we will always be there to make sure they get there!

  2. That good news, but hard for you too at the same time? Does Trevor have much separation anxiety? I am thinking about a 3 day a week program for my son, but he has severe anxiety and I’m not sure he’ll be ready. Or me! I wish you the best for your IEP. I don’t have any firsthand experience there (yet) but over at Beyond the Dryer Vent (she also posts the DIY things on the SPD blogger network), the mom writes in-depth about her daughter’s IEP, and that might be helpful.

    • Thanks for the link! Trevor has a lot of anxiety issues, but is usually okay with separation. Although he’s never been left unless it’s with someone he knows really well, like a grandparent, so it might be different when he starts school and is in an unfamiliar setting. I’m pretty nervous because I don’t leave him very much, but it’ll probably be good for both of us. Good luck with your preschool decision! It is definitely a tough choice.

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