Pool Noodle Marble Run

I saw this activity on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to work on Trevor’s fine motor skills.

What You Need:

  • Pool Noodle (another great steal from the Dollar Tree)
  • Duct Tape
  • Serrated Knife
  • Marbles
  • Bin or Bucket

How to Make it:

  1. Because Trevor is only 33 months old I first cut about 1/3 or so of the pool noodle off to make the marble run a little more his size.  You could skip this step if your child is older.
  2. With the remaining 2/3 I cut the pool noodle in half, lengthwise, using the serrated knife.
  3. When your two halves have been cut out, put them side by side with the curved edge facing up and tape them together using the duct tape.
  4. Your marble run is now ready to use!  Find a spot a few feet off the ground to angle the pool noodle and put the bottom into your bucket/box/bin (we did this activity at our ottoman and at Trevor’s toy box).
  5. Drop the marbles down the grooves in your pool noodle marble run.  You can even set up a race since there are 2 “tracks”.

Getting the marbles into the tracks the inside of the pool noodle makes is a great way to encourage your little one to use their pincer grasp.  Trevor has a great pincer grasp when using his left hand, but struggles with his right.  He usually uses more of a whole hand grasp, but this activity forces the child to be more precise.  Plus, it’s fun!

All set up and ready to go:

Dropping marbles down the track:

Look at that great pincer grasp:


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