Dinosour Dig

I’ve been wanting to do some gelatin sensory play with Trevor for awhile.  Since he doesn’t eat food dyes he’s never been exposed to the unusual texture of Jell-O, and using it in play is a great way to let him explore it.

What You Need:

  • Gelatin or Jell-O
  • Water
  • Small dinosaurs or other toys
  • Container

How to Make it:

  1. Mix up the gelatin/Jell-O according to package directions.
  2. Pour into a container.
  3. Add in your toys (I wasn’t sure how Trevor would react to the texture of the gelatin so I left the dinosaurs partially exposed so that he wasn’t overwhelmed right away, but you can completely bury your toys too).
  4. Put in the fridge to harden.
  5. Once the gelatin is set, loosen the sides with a butter knife and slide it out onto a cookie sheet or whatever surface you are going to use.
  6. Let your kids dig for dinos!

Trevor had a lot of fun with this activity.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the gelatin texture, but he was willing to touch it, so that is a victory in itself.  I was surprised with how long he wanted to dig for dinosaurs considering he didn’t really like touching the “goo”.  We will definitely be doing this type of project again, maybe with colored Jell-O and different toys.

Dinosaurs set in the gelatin:

The dinosaurs set on the cookie sheet and ready for him to explore:

Checking it out:

Trying to get the dinosaurs out without actually touching the gelatin:


Having fun:


Proud he got them all out:

Close-up of the dinosaur dig:


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