Patriotic Ice Play

Ever since he played with his frozen pirate ships, Trevor has been in love with ice play.  When I saw a star-shaped ice cube tray in the Dollar Spot at Target I knew Trevor would have a blast playing with the star-shaped ice.  In honor of Independence Day I colored the ice red and blue by adding one drop of food coloring to each star before freezing them.  It’s always fun to put a holiday twist on our sensory play!

We did 2 different projects with these ice cubes.  First I let him do some ice cube painting, and then when that had run it’s course I took the paper out of the bin and added water.  Trevor always loves splashing!

The red and blue ice cubes:

White paper lined in the bottom of a plastic bin for ice cube painting:

Exploring the ice cubes:

Shaking the bin and watching the ice slide across the paper:

His beautiful artwork in progress:

Playing with the ice cubes and water:

Having so much fun:

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