A Beautiful Mind

Trevor learns through perseveration.  It’s easy to get frustrated or even annoyed at times by his intense need to perseverate on a subject.  But while it can be exhausting to fulfill Trevor’s need to perseverate, it is also beautiful to watch and something that needs to be celebrated.

Trevor has always loved to label things, so a few months ago we got him a placemat with a map of the United States on it.  Just by looking at the map at mealtimes and having me label the states he learned the names and locations of all 50 states and the major bodies of water.  And he didn’t just memorize the placemat.  He actually knows by their shape what all of the states are.  We inherited a board book that shows all 50 states individually and he can name those too.  Within the past week he started to question why there were stars on the states in his book so I told him about capitals.  He now knows the capitals of the states too.  It is just amazing to watch his mind develop.

And on the 4th of July he did something that amazes me even more than having a better understanding of US geography at 2 years old than most adults do.  He read his first sight word.  He was outside playing with his dump truck when Todd walked up to him.  Todd said “Are you playing with your dump truck, buddy?” and Trevor said “His name is cat.”  On the front bumper of the dump truck the word CAT is imprinted on the license plate.  We have never told him what the license plate on the dump truck says.  I thought it had to be an amazing coincidence so I asked him how he knew the dump truck’s name and he pointed at the sticker that said CAT.  I knew he memorized the alphabet, but to actually have memorized a sight word at his age blows my mind.

I am so very lucky to be this boy’s mother.  His development is all over the place, with some skills being delayed and some being advanced.  It is an honor to watch him grow and develop.  He is definitely one of a kind and although that can make life tough at times, it also makes for an amazing adventure.

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