Summertime and the Living’s (not so) Easy

Trevor has been a major sensory seeker lately.  Being pregnant is not helping my patience with him and I realized we needed a break.  Luckily the weather has finally gotten nice, so we went for a walk down at the local riverfront park.  Going for a walk is always a great way to relax and decompress when you’re stressed out.  Plus, with this great weather I was able to take Trevor out of the stroller and let him play in the sand down by the river.  If there’s anything better than a big sandy beach for a sensory seeker I don’t know what it is!  Trevor loved digging in the sand with both his hands and feet.  He crawled all over the beach and even rolled around in the sand, haha 🙂  He definitely needed the tactile input of the sand today.  It was the perfect thing for both of us.

Beautiful view:

Having fun with sand toys:
Crawling all over the sandy beach:
He loved having his feet buried:
Showing off his cattail (he said it looked like a hedgehog).  It’s funny how some days he’s a seeker, and some days he’s an avoider.  A few days ago this spiky cattail would have sent him into meltdown mode.
While it was great to get out and enjoy the weather and the sand, we did hit one bump today.  Another little boy came over and wanted to play with Trevor.  While Trevor wants to play with other kids, he just has no clue how.  Trevor was laughing hysterically and enjoying himself, but the fact that he doesn’t really play with or talk to other kids makes it tough.  The other little boy got mad and threw sand at Trev 😦
I feel fortunate that Trevor doesn’t understand that the boy was being mean to him, but it did hurt my heart and made me worry about his future.  I really hope preschool is the magic ticket that gets Trevor’s social skills up to where they should be.  Although it definitely was wrong of the other kid to throw sand at Trevor, I do understand that Trevor is different.  I hope this isn’t the first instance in a long line of Trevor getting bullied.  I hope that other kids accept Trevor for the magical little man that he is.  Because he truly is special and has a lot to offer the world, even if he does it in a different way.

4 thoughts on “Summertime and the Living’s (not so) Easy

  1. Hi there!

    We haven’t met but I have been reading some of your blog posts and think my little boy James (who is 3 and 1/2) might make a pretty good playmate for your son Trevor. James is not very social and although I started a local mom’s group here in Longview, he’s still not very interested in really playing with the other kids either. He does not throw sand, ever, and is very kind and gentle boy (he’s often a bit frightened by most little boys who are very hyper and active). So, my name is Jeanette Fagerness and I live in Longview so email or call me if you would like to meet up sometime at the river beach; we go there sometimes too! My email is and if you email me then I can share my number with you. If not, no worries and I wish you luck with Trevor and preschool (also a bit of a concern for me with James…) and the one you have on the way. Oh, by the way, thanks for sharing the sensory room info, I had a mom’s group meetup there one day for the little ones and they just loved it!

  2. I would never be able to keep my seeker out of the water! Unless it was icy cold perhaps. 🙂 I’ve been dreaming of a beach trip in August… I’ll be 4 months pregnant by then, and full of energy I hope. Ha ha.

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