Looking Forward to the Next Chapter

I’ve been a little nervous about the big change in Trevor’s life when he turns 3.  At age 3 he ages out of Early Intervention and will be getting new therapists and starting preschool.  Our routines will have to change, and we all know how important routine is to Trevor!

In light of the upcoming transition we were put on a waitlist to start private therapies.  We were fortunate enough to be able to start with his new therapies about 6 weeks before he turns 3, and today we had our first appointment with his new OT.  I’m relieved that his new OT really seems to get him.  She’s very friendly and easy to talk to, which is always a great thing to find in a therapist.  The clinic is a bit more of a drive for us than his EI Center is, but they have way more resources and equipment, so that’s wonderful to see.

After today’s session I have a new-found excitement for all of these changes.  I think it’s going to be great for Trevor to get new therapists and new routines.  It will be nice to have a fresh perspective on him.  It will still be sad to say good-bye to the teachers and therapists that have worked with Trevor these past 2 years through Early Intervention, but I have a lot of hope that this new chapter in his life will be very beneficial for him.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to the Next Chapter

  1. The transition from EI is always bitter sweet. I remember these same exactly emotions a year ago. You will be amazed at just how wonderful the change will be, and you are right sometimes a new perspective is exactly what we all need. Best of luck!

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