Bug Hunt

I love creating different “hunting” activities for Trevor.  Hunting for items is a great way to incorporate all sorts of skills into one fun event.  You work on gross motor skills (climbing, walking, squatting), fine motor skills (picking up small objects, putting them in a container), communication skills (concepts like over, under, on top of, below, etc.), cognitive skills (colors, counting, sizes), as well as motor planning and body awareness.


This is a super easy activity t0 set up too.  I put the bugs from  Trevor’s Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs set in different spots all over our yard.  Then I gave him a bug collection container that we got from The Dollar Tree for him to put the bugs in once he found them.  The kit also came with tweezers, which will be great once his fine motor skills are more developed.  He can’t use the tweezers yet, but if your little one can then go ahead and add the challenge of picking up the bugs with tweezers!


Ready to go on a Bug Hunt!

Finding one of the bugs:

Putting a bug in the container:

He climbed up on the picnic table all by himself to get a bug.  Way to go, buddy!

I also put a bug up in his play structure so that he’d have to work on climbing the ladder (with help of course):

We didn’t want to leave the vestibular sense out of the mix, so we swung after we collected all the bugs.  Weeeeee!

Trevor absolutely loved going on a Bug Hunt.  He wanted me to hide them again and again.  It was great because he’s been so resistant to therapy type activities lately, so this was a fun way to sneak those ideas in.  I actually had to make him go inside because I was hot, sore and tired (this pregnancy is really starting to wipe me out again as I approach the third trimester).

I hope you all have as much fun doing this activity as Trevor did!

2 thoughts on “Bug Hunt

  1. When did you find time to hide the bugs? It looks like lots of fun, but I’d have to do it during nap time and I’m sooooo tired myself. I think of you now that I’m almost in my 2nd trimester (how does she do it?!) 🙂

    • I did hide them at the end of his nap. I’ve definitely let a lot of other things slip (namely cleaning my house) due to the pregnancy exhaustion. Hopefully you’ll get a little burst of energy once you hit the 2nd trimester! I had a little more energy during the 2nd trimester, but now that I’m approaching the 3rd I’m getting uncomfortable and exhausted all over again.

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