Race Car Number Fun

Trevor is really into cars right now.  Whenever he enjoys something I like to expand on his interest and incorporate some learning or therapy into it.  This activity does both.

I grabbed his current set of favorite cars (and an airplane) and added a small piece of painter’s tape to the top of them.  I numbered them 1 – 5 and told Trevor they were real race cars now because they had numbers.  He thought that was awesome!  He also did a great job at telling me which number was on which car.

Then I had him climb up on his slide and lined up the cars for him so they could race.  He has a hard time with climbing and also with the sensation of sliding, so this was a good way to try and get him more comfortable with his slide.

Ready, Set, Go!

You can talk about numbers in many different ways with this activity.  You can race the cars in order, or in descending order.  You can have your child say each number before he races the cars, or you can have him or her listen to you call out a number and then race that car down.

Have fun racing!


I had my ultrasound earlier this week and my doctor’s office called me with the results.  Baby girl looks great!  She’s measuring a little smaller than my due date suggests, but she’s still within the normal range.  She’s just petite like her mama 🙂

I’m so relieved that everything with this pregnancy is back on track.  I’m in my 3rd trimester now, so I’m excited to be in the home stretch.  I’m sore, tired and officially waddle instead of walk.  I’m definitely getting anxious to hold this baby girl in my arms.  She moves so much, it’s crazy.  If her personality outside of the womb is anything like her personality inside I have a feeling I’m in for a bit of a shock.  Trevor rarely moved in utero.  I think this one will be into everything!  I should be careful what I wish for, lol.

Last Day!

Today was Trevor’s last day in EI.  He doesn’t turn 3 for a couple more weeks, but his EI program is going on a summer break and when they return he’ll be 3.  It was such a bittersweet day for me.  Trevor has been in EI for 2 years officially and he went to music class there before he was an official student, so we’ve gone to the Progress Center at least once a week for nearly his entire life.

His teachers and therapists are all wonderful people.  They truly love him and have rooted him on these past few years.  I am so grateful for all of their help.

In honor of his last class at Progress Center I baked a cake for them to serve at snacktime:

Trevor sure enjoyed it, and so did the other kids 🙂

And this just shows you how awesome the staff there is.  His teacher, who works with him in class and at home visits, made him a social story filled with pictures of him throughout the years.  A bunch of the staff signed the back pages and wrote notes to him and I.  (Yes, I cried).

The other teacher in his class made me this certificate to thank me for helping clean up and being so involved there over the years.  More tears of course 🙂

I will definitely miss everyone.  It’s hard to believe that this chapter of Trevor’s life has closed and a new one is about to begin.  He starts preschool on September 12th.  My little guy is really growing up!


As a parent it is in our nature to worry about our children.  I have definitely let worry get the best of me at times throughout Trevor’s life, but this is the first time I’ve truly let worry take over when thinking about our daughter.  Up until yesterday things were going great with this pregnancy.  Yes I had morning sickness, exhaustion, round ligament pain, etc. but the most important part of pregnancy – the health and well being of the baby – was never called into question.  Until yesterday.  I went in for my 28 week OB appointment and discovered that baby girl is measuring small.  Now logically I know there are so many reasons that this could happen and baby is completely okay.  I could be carrying low or in an odd way, I’m very petite so I don’t have a ton of extra padding, the baby takes after me and is just plain small.  The list goes on.  But whether it be pregnancy hormones, all of the stuff we’ve had to deal with with Trevor, or just typical mommy worries, my mind has jumped straight to that scary place of “something is wrong”.

My doctor ordered an ultrasound so that we can get true measurements of the baby and the amniotic fluid levels.  She reassured me that it’s simply a precaution and since baby is active she is most likely just fine.  But until I get that confirmation at the ultrasound I have a feeling it’s going to be hard for me to focus on anything but the worst-case-scenario.  It makes me kick myself for saying this week (which is Trevor’s last one in EI) how much I’ll miss his therapists and teachers.  Like the universe somehow heard me and said, well if you miss them we can give you a whole new reason to have to see them again.  Ugh.  I really need to kick this worry monster to the curb and just breathe.  Hopefully by writing all of these emotions out here in the blog I can work through my fears and let go of my worries.

As the wise Dr. Seuss said:

Water Bead Sensory Bin

I’ve been wanting to do some water bead play with Trevor for awhile now.  I’ve seen other bloggers have a lot of fun with water beads and thought it would be a great sensory experience for Trevor.  We finally got around to playing with water beads and let me tell you, Trevor loved it!  I will definitely have to pick more up.

This is what the package looks like (you can find them in the floral section at Wal-Mart for two bucks):

I filled up his “water table” (aka a plastic storage bin) with water and added some aquatic toys and the water beads:

Unfortunately I didn’t read the package before I set this activity up for him.  Otherwise I would have discovered that it takes hours for the water beads to fully expand.  It’s not an instant thing!  Oh well, I guess we were able to do some work on the concept of little and big with him as a result of my mess-up:

He loved playing with the water beads, even though they started off so tiny:

After he woke up from his nap we went outside and played with them again.  You can see how much bigger they got after a few hours:

Checking out a fully hydrated water bead:

He really enjoyed squishing them up once they were fully hydrated (a great way to work on both fine motor and tactile sensory skills):

I used a colander and drained the water beads at night, then added them back to the water table the next day.  He got a few days out of the one pack of water beads before they got too damaged to play with.

Hope and Olympic Dreams

It’s funny how sometimes you can feel down about something and then suddenly, out of the blue, something slaps you in the face and lets you know that it’s all okay.  As I approach the 3rd trimester (only one more week to go until I’m there!) I’ve been turning into that stereotypical, crazy, hormonal pregnant lady.  The ups and downs of life are getting to me more lately.  Yesterday I was a little down about having to take Trevor to his orthotist today to get his braces looked at.  He’s grown and I’ve noticed they were starting to bug him.

Usually I don’t have a problem with him wearing braces.  When he got braces he finally had the support he needed to start walking, so I have great respect for orthotics.  I know how needed they are, and how much independence they gave him.  But it still sucks that his pronation is still bad enough that he needs them.  And it’s just one more appointment to have to go to.  One more disruption to our lives.

Then I went on Facebook and saw this:

A Facebook friend had posted this photo with the caption “For all the kids that need prosthetics/orthotics on their legs to help them walk”.  And you know what?  That was exactly what I needed to see.  It was a great reminder that Trevor’s braces are a good thing and not a nuisance.  They are helping him so that one day he can achieve great things.  He may not be an Olympian one day, but it’s possible.  My boy is capable of  greatness.  And if he always needs that extra support from a brace I hope he never feels disabled or incomplete.  I hope he just feels like he and his sister wear different shoes.

Therapeutic Listening

Trevor had his 2nd session with his new OT yesterday and he was started on the Therapeutic Listening program.  Fortunately he loves music so I’m hoping he won’t be too resistant to the idea of wearing headphones twice a day and listening to the CDs.  He did pretty well on his first day, but we all know how much kids love to say no, lol 🙂

I’m really excited to get him started on this program.  It’s been suggested by his developmental pediatrician and many people in the online SPD community, but we didn’t have the resources to get this service until we started with our new OT.  Hopefully the Therapeutic Listening program will really help with his auditory defensiveness, anxiety, focus, and sleep patterns.  I know all kids (especially SPD kids) are different, but reading all of the success stories is exciting.  Trevor has responded well to a lot of the other traditional SPD interventions, so I have high hopes for this program too.  Wish us luck!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Alphabet Soup

We’ve finally had some summer weather around here.  It’s nice to be able to go outside and play (and tire the boy out a little bit!).  I decided to make up an outdoor activity for Trevor combining 2 of his most favorite things – splashing in the water and learning!  I filled up his kiddie pool, threw in his foam letters and made him some “Alphabet Soup”.

Trevor is slightly obsessed with letters and wants to know what every sign we pass says.  Just for fun he asks me how to spell all his favorite things.  Friday after swim therapy at the YMCA he was having me spell everything in sight.  He’s a silly little boy 🙂

Cheese face:

Pointing out a word:





Can you tell he had farm animals on the brain the day we did this?  LOL 🙂