Therapeutic Listening

Trevor had his 2nd session with his new OT yesterday and he was started on the Therapeutic Listening program.  Fortunately he loves music so I’m hoping he won’t be too resistant to the idea of wearing headphones twice a day and listening to the CDs.  He did pretty well on his first day, but we all know how much kids love to say no, lol 🙂

I’m really excited to get him started on this program.  It’s been suggested by his developmental pediatrician and many people in the online SPD community, but we didn’t have the resources to get this service until we started with our new OT.  Hopefully the Therapeutic Listening program will really help with his auditory defensiveness, anxiety, focus, and sleep patterns.  I know all kids (especially SPD kids) are different, but reading all of the success stories is exciting.  Trevor has responded well to a lot of the other traditional SPD interventions, so I have high hopes for this program too.  Wish us luck!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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