Hope and Olympic Dreams

It’s funny how sometimes you can feel down about something and then suddenly, out of the blue, something slaps you in the face and lets you know that it’s all okay.  As I approach the 3rd trimester (only one more week to go until I’m there!) I’ve been turning into that stereotypical, crazy, hormonal pregnant lady.  The ups and downs of life are getting to me more lately.  Yesterday I was a little down about having to take Trevor to his orthotist today to get his braces looked at.  He’s grown and I’ve noticed they were starting to bug him.

Usually I don’t have a problem with him wearing braces.  When he got braces he finally had the support he needed to start walking, so I have great respect for orthotics.  I know how needed they are, and how much independence they gave him.  But it still sucks that his pronation is still bad enough that he needs them.  And it’s just one more appointment to have to go to.  One more disruption to our lives.

Then I went on Facebook and saw this:

A Facebook friend had posted this photo with the caption “For all the kids that need prosthetics/orthotics on their legs to help them walk”.  And you know what?  That was exactly what I needed to see.  It was a great reminder that Trevor’s braces are a good thing and not a nuisance.  They are helping him so that one day he can achieve great things.  He may not be an Olympian one day, but it’s possible.  My boy is capable of  greatness.  And if he always needs that extra support from a brace I hope he never feels disabled or incomplete.  I hope he just feels like he and his sister wear different shoes.


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