I had my ultrasound earlier this week and my doctor’s office called me with the results.  Baby girl looks great!  She’s measuring a little smaller than my due date suggests, but she’s still within the normal range.  She’s just petite like her mama 🙂

I’m so relieved that everything with this pregnancy is back on track.  I’m in my 3rd trimester now, so I’m excited to be in the home stretch.  I’m sore, tired and officially waddle instead of walk.  I’m definitely getting anxious to hold this baby girl in my arms.  She moves so much, it’s crazy.  If her personality outside of the womb is anything like her personality inside I have a feeling I’m in for a bit of a shock.  Trevor rarely moved in utero.  I think this one will be into everything!  I should be careful what I wish for, lol.


One thought on “Update

  1. So, so happy for you! My first little guy has been a non-stop dinamo since the womb, whereas this pregnancy has been easier so far, which will hopefully carry over into Baby 2’s personality. 🙂 I hope your little girl comes right on time. Yeah for the home stretch!

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