Race Car Number Fun

Trevor is really into cars right now.  Whenever he enjoys something I like to expand on his interest and incorporate some learning or therapy into it.  This activity does both.

I grabbed his current set of favorite cars (and an airplane) and added a small piece of painter’s tape to the top of them.  I numbered them 1 – 5 and told Trevor they were real race cars now because they had numbers.  He thought that was awesome!  He also did a great job at telling me which number was on which car.

Then I had him climb up on his slide and lined up the cars for him so they could race.  He has a hard time with climbing and also with the sensation of sliding, so this was a good way to try and get him more comfortable with his slide.

Ready, Set, Go!

You can talk about numbers in many different ways with this activity.  You can race the cars in order, or in descending order.  You can have your child say each number before he races the cars, or you can have him or her listen to you call out a number and then race that car down.

Have fun racing!


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