My Big Preschooler

Trevor’s first day of preschool was yesterday.  He was very anxious before we left and seemed quite overwhelmed when I dropped him off.  (I was pretty nervous too!)  But he ended up having a great time.  When I picked him up he had a big smile on his face and his teacher reported that he did amazing for his first day.  He did have a little bit of a fall on the playground slide when the school PT was working with him, but they said he didn’t even cry.  It sounds bad, but I’m kind of glad he fell on his first day.  That way his teachers and the PT are a little more aware of his limitations and hopefully will keep a little bit of a closer watch on him.

Today was his second day and I got another good report.  When I picked him up he was smiling again and he said to me “Did you have fun at preschool!” (which of course means “I had fun at preschool”).  I’m optimistic that preschool will be fantastic for him.  He has been so resistant to any kind of therapy lately, especially with fine motor work.  But they’ve gotten him to scribble with a crayon 2 days in a row!  That’s huge progress for us 🙂

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