Magnetic Pumpkin Matching Game

It’s October!  We love Fall at our house.  And with Halloween approaching we’re starting to do more Halloween and Fall-themed activities around here.

Trevor loves to match objects and group like things together so I thought our first Halloween activity should revolve around that love.  Using the all-knowing Google I found some pumpkin faces to print off.  I found a printable I liked here and printed off 2 copies.  I cut out the pumpkin faces from one of the sheets and then used clear contact paper to laminate them.  Next I glued magnets to the back of each pumpkin (I just cut up one of those free advertising magnets you get in the mail).  I put the pumpkin magnets on one side of Trevor’s magnet board and hung up the full pumpkin face sheet on the other.  Then it was his turn to match them!




Trevor never ceases to amaze me with how good his visual skills are.  The pumpkin faces look pretty similar so I thought this might be a little too difficult for him.  But I only had to tell him once to look again.  He matched 8 out of the 9 all on his own.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore with how great of a matcher he is.  After all he doesn’t miss a thing visually and notices when the smallest thing is out of place.  It’s a blessing and a curse 😉


2 thoughts on “Magnetic Pumpkin Matching Game

  1. This looks like something my son would enjoy too! He’s very into Halloween things, or anything remotely scary or spooky. Thanks for the great idea. I was wondering how you’re doing now that you’re down to the last stretch of pregnancy, hope all is well.

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