Pre-Math Skills on the Light Table

I’m slowly getting our playroom more organized.  My goal is to make the sensory- motor room I’ve always envisioned having for Trevor (and now Paige!) to be more functional.  One thing I’ve done so far is to make his light box more accessible and turn it into a true light table.  When I get the room complete I’ll post more about how I’ve created these functional spaces.

But for now I’d like to share a new light table activity!  I’m always on the lookout for new transluscent objects that would work well on the light table.  I found some fruit-shaped reusable plastic ice cubes at the Dollar Tree that are awesome.  The set came with 4 different fruits (4 grapes, 4 oranges, 4 apples, and 4 strawberries).  Trevor loved exploring these:


I let him have fun doing some free play with them, then I guided him to try and complete some patterns.  Patterns are a great way to work on pre-math skills.  This month in his preschool class they’re working on patterns, and I always enjoy doing home carry-over activities to help reinforce what he’s learning at school or in therapy.

Here’s a grape-strawberry-orange-apple pattern we did together:


We also worked on sorting the fruit.  I found a set of four colored containers (also at the Dollar Tree) and even though they’re opaque and not as cool-looking on the light table as translucent containers would be, they perfectly matched the colors of the 4 fruits.  Sorting is also a great pre-math skill!


Hopefully now that the light box is more accessible we’ll soon be doing many more fun activities 🙂


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