Kid Science: Freezing Temperatures

One morning last week Trevor looked out the window and excitedly shouted “It snowed!”  Poor little guy was pretty upset when I told him that wasn’t snow on the roof, it was frost.  So I decided to try and teach him, in a fun way, about freezing temperatures.  We went outside and explored the frost on the grass.  He enjoyed playing with the icy blades of grass so much we had to take some inside with us!  We also set out a couple of containers of water that we could check the next day and find out if they froze, just like the water on the ground and roofs.


The next morning we went outside and explored the frosty grass again, and then checked our containers.  The water froze and turned to ice overnight.  It was really cold outside so we took the ice inside where it was warm to study and play with more.  Trevor had a blast playing with the ice all morning until it melted.  I couldn’t believe how much fun he had just playing with the ice!  We carried the bin I dumped the ice into all over the house that morning.  This simple experiment was a fun way to teach him about water freezing into ice and then melting again into water.


Paige wasn’t as into learning about freezing temperatures though, lol 🙂  Sleepy little babe all cuddled up in her sling…



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