Music Man


Trevor has always responded well to music.  We have a lot of kids CDs that encourage movement and language.  We also have had some success with the Therapeutic Listening program as well, though it was limited.  But today I was reminded just how much music can help him.  On our way to OT today I blasted some Bob Dylan and Trevor just calmed right down.  For the first time since Winter Break he was calm in the car.  And when we got to OT he was so focused and much more regulated.  It was amazing actually.  When we got home he wanted to play dress-up.  And for the first time ever he put on his Batman shirt and cape that my husband had bought him 6 months ago!  He only had one meltdown all morning, and it was pretty minor in comparison to how he has been acting.

Of course it could be that his crankiness has finally just run it’s course thanks to a couple weeks of preschool under his belt.  He always does better when he’s in his routines.  But I’m going to take today’s amazing turnaround as inspiration to play more music for Trevor.  Hopefully my theory proves correct and music will help work out a lot of the behavior issues we’ve been struggling with lately.


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