Pretend Play: Firefighting

Last Thursday the local fire department visited Trevor’s preschool.  And in true Trevor fashion he developed a mini-obsession with the idea of firefighting.  He had to wear his fire helmet all weekend, including to his OT session on Friday.  If I hadn’t made him take it off, I’m sure he would have slept with it and bathed with it too, lol 😉

So to go along with his new-found interest in firefighting we came up with a fun way to play firefighters.  I cut out some red construction paper in the shape of flames and taped it to our pantry door.  Then I grabbed a recycled paper towel roll and stuffed blue tissue paper in one end to create a fire hose.  I got out his scooter board to use as a fire truck (and work on those gross motor skills too!).  He insisted that fire trucks have to be red, so I ended up duct taping a red kitchen towel to the top of the scooter board for him.

He had a blast “fighting fires”.  I loved seeing his play skills blossom and was impressed at how much better he is at the scooter board (yay for progress!).

I hope you all have as much fun fighting fires as we did this weekend 🙂


And sorry the picture is a little blurry.  I’m blogging from my phone a lot now given the hectic, sleep-deprived life I’m leading 😉


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