Sorting Cars

Trevor’s current favorite book (although I’m sure it will change in a few days, lol!) is this book called Sorting by Henry Pluckrose.  It teaches about the concept of classifying objects and sorting them by color, size, shape, type, etc.  It’s a great introduction to this important math skill.


When we were playing with his cars I asked him if he wanted to sort them.  He got super excited about the idea!  So I put some of his cars in a pile, and then we sorted them.  He had a blast sorting them, as he loves putting things in their rightful places.


After we sorted his cars, we also sorted some of his play food.  You can do this activity with all kinds of objects.  I have a feeling that we will be doing a lot of different sorting activities in the near future!  After all, once he’s hooked on something we have to perseverate on it for awhile, until it’s mastered 😉


Check out a lot of other fun early learning posts over at the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op who I linked up with this week!


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